Magical Forest - Cups - Ace


from lwb: Ace: strength and trueness of feelings.


All the animals must contribute to the well-being of the community: each one has a specific responsibility in relation to his own nature and the specific talents he possesses, because the first rule of the Magical Forest demands that the talents of each individual be exploited. Therefore, the inhabitants of the wood are divided into four Families, each of which is governed by a King, a Queen, and a small court of ministers. When they are all in harmony, the community is prosperous and happy.

The Family of Bunnies represents the most sensitive and innocent creatures. They are responsible for providing joy and well-being to the community by nurturing friendships and affection. Sometimes they are a bit guileless, but they are always appreciated when they organize ritual toasts that are said to be very good for the heart. They are almost always white and their symbol is a goblet that they bear as a sign of peace. Humans call them Chalices and they associate them with their sensitivity, emotions, passions, and affairs of the heart.

The original cards from RWS have the dove putting a communion wafer into the chalice
which always reminds me of church. It makes me think of
community, sharing caring, faith and friendship. This dove is very pretty
and soft looking, almost like a young bird would be. The clouds are full
and fluffy like the ones you look at and see pictures in, a nice summer day.
Everything about this card is warm and inviting and I would see good
things coming whenever this card shows up.


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Magical Forest- Ace of Cups

I see the Ace of Cups as the beginning of bountiful, good times to come. A time where our cups are so full that they overflow and we can do nothing but revel in it's glory. When I see this card I think of romantic beginnings or even the start of positive vibes in your relationships with those that are not romantic in nature like good friendships


Yes, I left that out, new relationships, new friendships.
I thought that too but I forgot to add that.


I find this card very 'biblical' - the cup (holy grail?) and the wafer reminds me of mass, and the dove and floods also from the Bible. It promises a new beginning there are new lands to settle and the past has been washed away. Perhaps through the selfless sacrifice of others (Christ). This is a card of true , selfless love that places the recipient at the centre of the universe. Its almost like the hand is delivering a baby.


For me, I see this as the Universe handing you the overflowing cup. Life brimming over with Joy and all manner of positive feelings.

The dove, with its offering of the Host, representing a new beginning, fresh start...