Magical Forest - Death


from lwb:

XIII - Death
Sometimes Grandmother Death appears in the forest, wizened and bony:
"For me all are equal! You are needed by those who arrive at the end of their
journey and must be replaced," says the owl, "animals who are strong and weak,
big or small, without discrimination."

This card has a lot going on in it. There's the huge death skeleton head which
appears to be a horse? Theres the piggy that sure looks like the Emperor to me
who is laying down waiting for death to approach. Is that the High Priestess
standing in the background watching? It kind of looks like her but not. The
crown is different and she's missing her cross necklace. The sun is setting
and it's getting to the end of the day but the sun will come up again tomorrow.
Life will go on even with death but there is a period of darkness before the
new day starts.


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Magical Forest- Death

This is a busy card, I thought that the two characters were the Heirophant and the Emperor but that could be just a case of mistaken identity on my part, hee, hee. This card is somewhat darkish but when I look at the sun, I see it as coming up, meaning a new dawn is occurring and the passing of the old ways; ideas; patterns, are being replaced with something new and more positive. I drew this card a few times when trying out spreads about an old relationship and it simply reinforces the idea that I am on the correct path and there are going to be new and improved opportunities on my horizon.


In this card there is death - a skeleton waving a black flag coming to fetch the piglet. The emperor is lying down and it looks like he is smiling (is he awake or did he die in shock with his eyes wide open?) I think its the emperor because the clothes are the same... The heirophant, that keeper of knowledge is watching over. The sun in the background is either setting at the end of the day - or rising at the start of a new day. This card seems to be showing a wasteland - things have come to a natural end and its time to move on. The piglet is not scared, and should you be! This is all as it should be as the wise ones already know.