Magical Forest - Emperor


from lwb:

IV - The Emperor
The little pig takes his role as Emperor of the Forest very seriously. All the animals expect him to administer his power appropriately, wisely, justly, generously, and resolutely; but above all,
they want this territory to be protected and conserved: "Climb thefour steps of supremacy and keep our world safe and sound.

The Emperor really doesn't look like the description above that is in the lwb. He has an almost scared look on his face, your eyes are drawn to his face and especially his eyes. It's an odd look for the Emperor who's supposed to be the ruler. He looks almost startled? His face and head are accentuated by the dark colors around him. His face seems to lack emotion except for his eyes. He doesn't appear old but he doesn't appear young either. The red carpet is very bold against the stairs.


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Magical Forest- the Emperor

I see the Emperor as the one in charge of keeping order and organization, and he indeed looks very serious about his job. His expression though makes me think that maybe sometimes he takes his job a little too serious and it would do him some good to cut loose, even if it's only now and then! I like the way his little throne is at the top of the steps showing his authority among the creatures of the forest.


He does look rather alarmed, doesn't he? Or startled, or perhaps overwhelmed. Yes, that's what I'm seeing. Overwhelmed with his position. Is that a mustache under his nose? Or is his upper lip kind of curled up? Hmm, perhaps, thinking back to that sweetly pregnant Empress, maybe he's sitting, stunned, wondering what it'll be like to be a father!!! LOL


Magical Forest- the Emperor

Oh my, I had been thinking that it could be a bit of food on his upper lip, maybe because he was interrupted during his supper to make an important desicion....but you're right, I think it's probably a mustache or the Empress...


There are times when we have to take control. We might normally fall into the follower catagory and find it hard to be the decision maker, but now that we ARE the Emperor it is now in our hands (or paw) to climb up to that throne and take care of the situation ourselves. A scary place to be, but we can handle it. This timid Emperor has fought half the battle just by making the decision to climb above the situation so that it is under his control not the other way around.


The emperor does seem to be a stickler for the rules - he will follow them to the letter, and will enforce them to equally to all. This card is neutral to me - in that it shows the need for self-discipline and respect. This is a time for hard work and dedication, but at the same time it reminds me to be flexible and not to take myself too seriously.


I had an 'penny drop' moment yesterday. The Fool, Empress and Emperor are all pigs - are they a family (child, mother and father)?

The Fool wears the same robe as the Emperor. Is he the Emperor's son, or the child that became the Emperor?

It's a bit poignant, considering what happens to the Emperor on the Death card...