Magical Forest - Hierophant


from lwb:

V - The Hierophant
Proud Owl celebrates the religion of Nature and defines the sacred geometry of the Forest. In the triangle above his throne there is the symbol of the Flower of Life, of which he says: "My faithful little mice, there, where the six circles meet, is the font of energy that perpetuates the flow of the life spirit."

The Owl looks like he is beckoning you to come closer, like he has something to tell you or is open to hearing what you have to say. The two mice at the bottom are cute, like little guards protecting his energy. The two keys remind me that he is the key to this world and the other worlds, he is where they meet and we learn the secrets from.


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Magical Forest- the Hierophant

I noticed that the owl's crown is rounded on this card when most crowns I see later on in the deck are pointy and wonder if it has a special significance? As with the High Priestess, his huge eyes seem to contain all knowledge and he is a more approachable fellow than the other Hierophants I've seen. I see the little mice as his students, eager to learn under what he instructs. The keys seem to be available to those willing to climb his steps and take them, but with his permission of course!


Does anyone else think the Staff he's holding looks a little dagger-ish?


I can just hear those little mice. Pssst, look at those keys. Think we could get 'em? I dunno, that guy looks pretty aware of things. And that red carpet looks like it's part of his cloak. I bet it's a trap. Yeah, what do you think he'd do to us? We could wait 'til he's asleep! He's an owl, you nut, he doesn't sleep at night! LOL


The Hierophant is in the shadow...not easy to see between the pillars. The mice are inquisitive and want so much to hear what he has to say, but the keys seem to make them hesitate getting any closer.


.traveller. said:
Does anyone else think the Staff he's holding looks a little dagger-ish?

Yes, I do too. I think that the fact that his hand is actually a wing makes it look
like he's holding it down ready to plunge it into something....
could just be the way he drew the wing?


I see a wise owl, keeper of knowledge and holding the keys to the arcane and hidden. Before him others are just as mice (and owls eat mice for breakfast!). Where the priestess seemed to be showing the way to the higher realms (the mountains and outdoors behind her), the heirpohant seems to be showing the way to the darker and deeper places (the shadowy temple behind him). Knowledge is power, and power should be respected.

Isadora Veiga

I think the owl was a good choice, as they're personified as being wise, but I have some difficulty with this card as "owl" is a feminine word in my native language (Portuguese).

He (hard for me to say "HE") looks as if he's emerging from the shadows and is about to give a lecture to his eager students (the mice), who look up to him literally. He brings knowledge from the depths of the shadows, from the depths of our subconscious. It's not about intuition, like the high priestess, it's about things we already know and it's time we brought them to light and faced them. Things we already know from our experience and observation, so it's time we brought everything together, analysed it and got to a conclusion.


The red cloak and red carpet seem significant to me. Almost as if the owl has risen up through the carpet from the floor and is now draped or shrouded in it.