Magical Forest - Justice


from the lwb:

Xl - Justice
In the Magical Forest, when two animals have a dispute, the Crocodile Godmother
is called to judge who is wrong and who is right: "Place your arguments on the dishes of the scales and don't cheat!"

The Crocodile Godmother looks pretty serious about her job. That probably
says that justice is pretty strong, it will prevail. The colors are sunny and
bright so it probably means a good outcome, maybe not the one you wanted
but the best outcome for the situation. Could mean that the situation is
balanced and that one person does not have an edge over the other.

The red tufted chair shows that she is someone of great importance,
she's also on a bit of a stone step too, showing she is above us.


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Magical Forest- Justice

This card reminds me that there are two sides to every story and one must weigh them both in making decisions. The scales suggest a balanced view of the situation and by the look on her face, I sure wouldn't want to go before her thinking I could pull the wool over her eyes!


It looks like she is on a throne or something, and is almost trying appear welcoming - but a the same time i see her tail sticking out and are reminded that this is a crocodile and best be respectful. The sword is massive andjust knowing that there are dozens of sharp teeth in that mouth reminds me to be completely honest. The card is not threatening though, the colours, and the scales, reminds me that truth will prevail and itwill be better to own up, to face the facts head on.