Magical Forest - King of Swords


from lwb: dominion of the mind

Well this king sure doesn't look too happy with things at the moment.
He's dressed very well so he is successful and has money. Smart.
Invested well. He's got a frown on his face though.
He's also sitting right in front of the cliff. Maybe he can get himself
in trouble with his tongue. The color below the edge of the cliff
is dark and scary looking. Not anywhere I would like to go but he
seems to live right on the edge of it. Could he be careless?
Lives dangerously? takes chances?

He definitely is not pleased about where he is. Maybe he wants
to move away from the cliff? Move away from the issue/situation?

He's smart but has gotten himself into this situation, maybe by
saying the wrong thing?


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Magical Forest- King of Swords

When I look at this fellow, I see a man with a firm idea of what he believes and how the world works and his place in it. I also see the King of Swords as a warning not to get too stuck in your mindset that your opinions become law and there is no understanding for the frailties of being human. I also think he warns not to think yourself above others with the strength of your mental abilities because like everyone else, you make mistakes too.


Magical Forest Study

Gosh, it's hard to believe this is study is over, I've had so much fun! Thank you so much Karen, you've been a great study leader!


I know what you mean, it is a great review of the cards and it's fun to see
how the artist expressed the meanings of the cards. There are things that
I might not have noticed if I didn't go over them so closely.
I am sad we are done! I love this little deck. It's my favorite.

Thanks for doing it with me. If you weren't along for the ride I probably
wouldn't have done it. There seems to be a lot of others reading the
posts though so that's good. I've really enjoyed reading your opinions
and observations. Thanks!


I might add a few things to the observations if I run across anything I can add...maybe it'll spark someone in the future to study this wonderful little deck. I was going to mention this several suits ago but in the Lo Scarabeo version some of the names were different than the Chinese deck. I was lucky enough to find an original Chinese deck but kept the names you used like cups (vs.chalices) and page (vs. knave) so there was not any confusion.


I didn't realize they changed the names except the Knave change.
I just used the names on the cards and figured they were the same.
Sorry. I probably should have put both in the title huh?


sent you a pm


This king seems to have isolated himself from the world - there is now way to get through to him. Perhaps it shows that he has elevated himself beyond the temptations and problems of mere mortals. He is strong willed, self confident, and decisive and would focus more on making things more efficient in the future rather than dwelling on past mistakes.