Magical Forest - King of Wands


from lwb: control of energies

The king has a strange look on his face for someone who's supposed to be in
control of anything. He is normally associated with honesty, a happy marriage,
loyalty. This king doesn't appear to be looking too happy. He has a Huge
wand, taller than his throne. He doesn't have any problem holding it so
I would think he's able to handle being king.


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Magical Forest- King of Wands

This little frog looks as if he might be a little suprised to find himself King. I usually see the King of Wands as a strong active leader who takes charge and makes everyone feel safe and secure but this froggy seems to be somewhat confused. Maybe he is doubting his ability as a ruling authority or maybe he just got a firey tongue lashing from his queen, but like it or not, here he is and now...on to the business of kingship.