Magical Forest - Knight of Pentacles


from lwb: powerful and profitable action

The knight is on a huge animal, a wild boar? It's weird looking whatever it is
but it looks like you wouldn't want to get in it's way. The animal is
strong and can get the fox to where ever he needs to go.
He is wearing a rich red cape so he likes nice things even though he works hard.
He spends money without thinking. He is trustworthy and does do his work
so he does splurge from time to time on himself but he is good with money.
I see the cap thing going again with the feather, I still feel like that means
something well done or going the right way.


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Magical Forest- Knight of Pentacles

I think this Knight stands for a certain amount of stubborness, maybe one who is acting set in their ways a bit. When I look at the imagery, he seems quite solid and firm in his stance as if saying "This is the way it is and I'm not moving" Maybe it can be a warning that you might want to examine your position to determine wether or not it is a realistic one because there are so many ways of approaching issues that all are productive, not just your own.


I get the impression that the fox is standing behind the boar, and if you want to get to him you have to go through a whole lot of ugly to do it. This makes me think of excessive self protection, pigheadedness, someone who puts up such a barrier that it is impossible to get through. I'm glad to read other impressions on this knight because I was really stuck on my first impression.
Some other thoughts: someone who is boarish, looks sharp but is actually a pig. Has a "me first" attitude.

I usually love the Knight of Pentacles, but this one really gives me a whole new perspective.