Magical Forest - Knight of Wands


from lwb: courageous and decisive action.

The knight has his wand up in the air as if ready to go
to battle. He isn't afraid. He's wearing the red
cape and the frog he's on has a red blanket on.
The knight looks unhappy. He has a frown appears
to be bitter. He might be someone who brings betrayal
and disappointment.
His frog that he is riding appears to be out of breath
The knight does things quickly and does not think, just reacts.


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Magical Forest- Knight of Wands

I know this card oh so well! I just happen to know this Knights personality firsthand, he's dashing and charming and full of sweet words. Easy on the eyes and easy to fall for...the only problem with this guy is that he is here today and usually gone tomorrow! I don't see his personality as one that is able to stay focused for too long and it seems like when the going gets tough the Knight of Wands gets going. His temperment is just as fiery as the Wand he carries and burns just as hot as he charges into or out of the picture.


Do frogs have forked tongues? High School Biology was a very long time ago, but I don't think frogs have forked tongues.

Beware of lying toads?