Magical Forest - Lovers


from lwb:

VI - The Lovers
Black Hare meets White Bunny and together they discover love. A winged creature blesses their union from on high, but the choice of a binding union is difficult in itself, while peril slips slowly down the tree of knowledge: "There is white and black amidst the grass, who will speak with me?"

The lovers are in a darker area below the angel, not totally dark but a darker area indicating maybe some problems but they look like they want to be there so maybe they can work things out. The snake in the tree behind the girl is interesting, like it is headed towards them about to start some trouble for them.


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Magical Forest- the Lovers

I love the coloring on this card, the soft pinkish, lavender shades on the little lamb angel. It gives me a warm wooly feeling (pun intended) that you can get when in love. I wonder about the trees though, the tree on the black hare's side is a bit sparse on leaves and looks like it has it's late autumn foliage as opposed to the white hare's tree which is full and bearing fruit. I was thinking that the serpent might symbolize caution needing to be taken in the relationship between the bunnies because I think that giddy feeling when first in love can often lead to not well thought out choices that can become real issues later.


I was puzzled by this card as indicative of literal love. But when I think of the lovers card as about choices, and opposites, and the joining or choosing between same, it makes more sense. Dark and light (the bunnies), male and female (same), spring and autumn (the trees), snake and angel (knowledge vs. faith), sunshine and shadow. The concept of choices seems very evident. Think Eve tempted by the snake in the garden of eden. Will she choose obedience and ignorance? Or will she choose knowledge and rebellion? I see this as a deeper Lovers card than most I've looked at, for some reason, despite the cutesy little bunnies. :D


Your insites are wonderful and a joy to read! At the risk of repeating whats already been said: I see two lovers coming together openly, but perhaps not exactly in a public place either. This is a card of opposites, the trees (abundance and decline, summer and autumn), male and female. Overall everything is as it should be and is blessed by the heavens. There is a warning though - the serpent in the tree (which reminds me of the garden of Eden). Will their love be confused or overcome one day by intellectual knowledge and will they start to question everything? Also why are her eyes open and his closed? Is she in love with him or is she thinking of someone else? (think about that the next time someone kisses you with their eyes closed!) While this card is all about union and one-ness there are also boundaries between the two, and their differences will one day lead to a power struggle that they will have to negotiate as the giddiness of love fades. Only the heavens and the sun are truly one.


I think this card is interesting, because I see it as using a combination of the Lovers imagery found in RWS and Thoth tarot decks. The RWS elements used are: Angel above, fruit-bearing tree on the left w/snake, autumn tree on the right, mountain in the center background. The Thoth element tapped here is the notion of the union of opposites: one white bunny, one black. Also the coloration of the sheep-angel reminds me of the coloration of the hermit in the background of the Thoth lovers card.