Magical Forest - Page of Pentacles


from LWB: understanding concreteness

He's young but the Fox is learning the importance of managing your money,
spending it wisely. He's on ground that has a cliff which could be the times
when you don't watch your money, you can fall into the trap of being
impulsive and spending too much.
He's wearing a cap with the feather again which I've seen a few times
in this deck so far so it tells me that he's going to succeed or have
success. He has on a cape so he's protected from the cold even
though it appears to be sunny and warm. He's planned ahead.


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Magical Forest- Page of pentacles

This Page seems eager and willing to learn or study, meaning a child perhaps that is learning financial planning or wise investing (time, money, resources) I think it can mean news of these things as well. An opportunity to apply yourself or learn practical lessons in material matters.


This fox looks closer (perspective) than the other foxes, and he faces us directly. He looks to be bringing us the pentacle, like a delivery boy.
A lesson in being forthright, direct, and if you are there to do a job best get to it.
Perhaps lacking in tact or having a difficult time being subtle.

Isadora Veiga

This young fox is full of energy, full of ideas, he's got what it takes to plant his seed. He's ready to put his ideas into practice. His message is "stand up and do something, use your energy and take action!". He's talking about about not only money matters but the material world as a whole, our daily chores, anything in the concrete level. He's inviting us to take a hands-on attitude.


The Page of Pentacles looks a bit stunned by the possibilities before him! He's someone who has the entire world at his feet, just waiting for him to move forward and take part in it. He has the potential to achieve anything he wants one day as long as he invests his resources wisely, which he certainly will.

Even though he might be the most practical page in this deck, he also looks like the most worry-prone. He's the kind of person who can see ten steps ahead of everyone else and the millions of ways that all of them could go wrong. However, once he discerns the safest path he'll set off at once, secure in the knowledge that he has everything he needs on his journey.