Magical Forest - Page of Swords


from lwb: understanding the power of intellect

This card usually indicates a message is coming so understanding the
power of intellect might have to do with being able to pick out the
important messages or signs we receive, knowing what is a dream
or what is a message. Being able to apply these messages to the
situation or issue being discussed. The Page is holding his sword
up toward the sky which would show me the message is coming from
above, somewhere positive. The scene behind the Page is pretty,
nice sunny day, blue sky, trees. It seems like a positive card.


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Magical Forest- Page of Swords

To me this card is about messages but also young people with characteristics of sharp intellect and reason, a child with the love of learning just for the sake of it. As a child, I was a real bookworm, I read whatwever I could get my hands on just to see what I could learn about the world we live in. My mom likes to tell the story of my first grade meltdown (ALWAYS at the most crowded of family reunions of course!) of how I waited and waited to get to the first grade just so I could learn how to read. (because even then I knew that if I could read I could learn all the answers to those questions I drove my mum crazy with.). Needless to say, I was really bent out of shape when after learning how to read, I found out I had to keep going all the way to twelfth grade!


Keep you mind open and flexible and if you start something you can achieve greatness. Look at the way this cat towers over the trees - a real giant. This card is very encouraging and I would be very happy if it was at the start of any new enterprise - especially one involving the intellect and reason. This cat is an inventor and would be willing to start something without have a detail blueprint and would be confident in figuring it out as he goes along. Inventors are constantly looking for new ways to do things and usually have the social skills and drive to implement their ideas.

swimming in tarot

The Page of Swords may well have fine ideas, but please notice how he is hovering in the air, his feet not touching his shadow. I suspect he isn't too grounded; doesn't know yet how to implement his ideas.