Magical Forest - Queen of Swords


from lwb: feeling the burden of thoughts.

The queen does not look happy. She has a sad look on her face with the
dark shadow around her eye. She's dressed in purple and gold. Her chair
has a red back. It's placed near a cliff again which shows me that things
can go over the edge with her quickly. She might have a temper or
quick tongue. She has money from the. look of her robe and the chair
and seems to spend it. She is smart but doesn't know how to control
her own thoughts. Maybe someone who goes over and over things
in their head. Over analyzes things.
She really doesn't look happy. I would see this card as an indicator
of a situation that can quickly go sour it you don't act carefully.


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Magical Forest- Queen of Swords

This Queen reminds me of a woman who is not afraid to say what's on her mind and isn't afraid to leave off the candy coating. Maybe her sad look is because she said what was on her mind, she has hurt a loved ones feelings. She does seem to be carrying a burden, maybe knowledge she wished she didn't know but does and it saddens her.


She really does look distant and lost in thought (literally up in the clouds). She must be considering serious matters, carrying the future of the whole world on her shoulders.

Her temperament would be logically and verbally precise. In casual conversations, she may be tempted to point out errors the other speaker makes, with the simple goal of maintaining clarity within the exchange. In debates, she can sometimes be devastating, or alienate herself from the group with overly logical arguments.