Magical Forest - Temperance


from lwb:

XIV - Temperance
To heal diseased animals, Winged Sheep draws water from the Fountain of Life
and casts a spell with two golden goblets: “Water flowing from the fount,
I ask not life for myself.'.. Drink here while facing into the sun, and you shall be healed!”

This sweet little lamb is trying to help others and is very deep in concentration
looking at the water going between the cups, maybe hoping to catch a glimpse
of the special magical powers of the water. She is positive things will work out.
She puts herself last and the others first, very much in harmony with nature,
trying to help the sick animals.

The colors and the mood of the card are very positive, look forward, things
will heal, will balance out and be set right. What we hoped for will happen.


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Magical Forest- Temperance

I think I see a small yellow triangle on her tummy but I'm not too sure...Her wings give her an angelic appearance and I see her as sending a message from the universe to keep all things in balance, as avoiding extremes and excesses is the best way to maintain our health. Emotions, thoughts and actions all weigh in on our physical, mental and spiritual health and we need to always remind ourselves that more is not always better! This seems like welcome advice to me when today's society is always hammering away at the need for bigger houses; fancier, more expensive cars, more food on your plate, bigger bags of chips and even spirituality is measured in some circles by how much you give in the collection plate or time spent in religious day camps and missionary service. Such a simple little card sends such a powerful message!


I see the yellow triangle too. I must have missed that when I was looking at
the card before. Thanks for pointing that out. That's why it's fun to have
someone else looking at the card with you. They see different things.


I nearly thought it was my imagination for just a second. I thought that a right side up triangle had an elemental meaning but it seems to escape me at the moment!


Definately a triangle...just like the Rider-Waite Tarot. She is taking her time making sure to pour the liquid evenly so that it will be just right. She is so careful not to spill a drop and you can tell just how important it is to her that it is evenly distributed between both cups.


According to my Gray Tarot book the right side up triangle is the sign of
the radiant Spirit and is also the sign of the sacred book of Tarot. What is that?
What is the Sacred book of Tarot? Anyone heard of that?


The little sheep really is concentraqing so much - making sure that the cups are equal and fair. I like that teh one foot is in the water - the sheep isnt afraid of getting a little bit wet in the course of her duties - it also seems to show a balnce in that one foot is on the ground, the other in water. It looks like a nice time of the day - not to light or too dark, neither too hot nor to cold. This is one of the few cards where the animals eyes are not wide open and staring directly at me!


I'm fairly certain that the right side up triangle refers to the element of fire. Temperance is associated with Sagittarius, which is a fire sign.