Magical Forest - The Hermit


from lwb:

IX - The Hermit
As winter approaches, Old Bear lumbers along in
the cold. He seeks the road concealed by the snow and moves cautiously; he does not speak, but thinks: "I will carefully follow my own footsteps because a fiamiliar path is the safest."

The colors are dark and it appears to be night, when it's hard to follow the path. He's alone in the dark with only the little light. He's looking down like he's looking at the lamp to lead him the right way. There is one little star in the sky so the night is not all black, maybe he will get to where he is going but it will be a bit of a struggle.


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Magical Forest- the Hermit

I see the bear as out in the cold weather maybe looking for one of the little forest creatures who became lost. He stands with his lantern to act as a beacon to the lost creature to find his/her way back. I think this card can symbolize that at times we wander off the path or the path becomes obscured and the Hermit tells us that we need to find our way home, so to speak.


At first I though the hermit was out on a journey, carefully finding his way, but I quite like the idea that his lantern might be for the benefit of others, to help them find him. Although it is a hermit, a solitary creature out on its own personal and individual quest - it is not hidden in a dark cave, but out in the wide open world. Perhaps treading the less used path and going where others wouldn't go, in weather others would prefer to stay indoors. This card tells me to take a chance and live in the real world, despite the apparent hardships - there is something to find, and also there are others that could benefit from your light.