Magical Forest - The Moon


from lwb:
XVIII - The Moon
Two wolves are the night watchmen and friends of the Moon,
who smiles upon the creatures of the Magical Forest. Red Crayfish
thinks: "I am confused in this water that comes from far away and drags me backwards."

The crayfish is being pulled toward the moon, into the darkness where he
can't see what is coming but the light of the moon will guide him.
The Moon represents intuition and psychic dreams and this intuition
will guide the crayfish. The card gets lighter as it moves along the
water from the moonlight. Paying attention to psychic messages
in our dreams. Maybe means a message coming in a dream form.


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Magical Forest- the Moon

I see this card as implying movement from a familiar place to a new strange realms. I tend to stick to the tried and true familiar situations and places and often do not venture too far out of my comfort zone. When I see this card it tells me that I need not be so anxious or worry so much because venturing out a bit can be wonderful opportunities to meet new people and experience new things. The two wolves seem to be sitting as guards to the pathway for the crayfish to follow, as if they are saying "You're safe, come this way!" And the Moon illuminates them all. What grand adventure lies past the two mountains in the distance I wonder?


Its nice to see the moon up close - previously it was wrapped around the High Priestess and illuminating the hanged man - and perhaps here we see what it was showing him! This is a bizarre world of dreams and inner desires and the crayfish immediately reminds me of a Salvadore Dali painting where everything is twisted and distorted. As for the two wolves standing guard - are they stopping you from entering, or from leaving? Does the crayfish have any control of its jouney does it just go wherever the river takes it?