Magical Forest - The World


from lwb:

XXI - The World
Dancing Cat is in the prime of his life, having had all his dreams come true. All the world turns around him. He prances and sings: "I am at the center of all creation, I have fulfilled my destiny!”

Very happy card, things going well, things balanced, completion of a
project, trave. The four animals in the corner are just watching
and seem to protect the cat. Maybe they are outside forces watching
over us or protecting us.


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Magical Forest- the World

I like the expression "Having come full circle" I'm not sure why that pops into my head as soon as I see this card but to me it means having everything you need; being complete AND satisfied at the same time. I noticed the cat's arms are in the same position as the Magicians and that makes me believe that "As above, so below" means everything in the universe is in sync with each other and harmony is the word of the day.


The creatures in the four corners look the same as those on The Wheel (10) except in this card they are in the background while in the wheel they were active. The cat on the wheel could have fallen off any time as the wheel turned, but here the cat is in control - if the wheel is revolving then its revolving around him! He is holding two magic wands, is one a gift from The Magician and the other from The Empress? Is that what the hedgehog was clutching in his hand and was racing furiously to deliver in The Chariot? This is a very enigmatic card for me and doesn't seem to fit in the same theme as the other major arcana. (Maybe its the overall design or maybe because the cats eyes are so different to the other animals on the cards until now).


I had trouble connecting with this as The World card initially, which I typically associate with joyful success, wholeness, celebration, and positive completion of a task or journey. The coloration of the other "happy/positive" cards in the major arcana of this deck are all in more warm or bright colors. The colors of this card are grayish, and remind me more of The Hanged Man... I feel like it appears more "other worldly" than of this world.

Rather than looking like he's in the prime of his life, this cat looks more like he's died and.. gone to heaven? He seems reasonably at peace with the state of things though.