Magical Forest - Tower


from lwb:

XVI - The Tower
Some of the little animals in the Forest left their natural home because they
preferred to live in a tower that stands at the top of a rocky hillock.
But when the storm comes, the tower collapses, and they all plummet to the
ground: "We wanted to live in a lofty place, far from Mother Earth, and nature
punished us!"

The Tower is one of my favorite cards in any deck and I really like this one too.
I like the bold colors and the fire and lightning against the black sky reminding
me of the intense mood of the card. It shows a big traumatic event. I like
the rain too. The lwb message is focusing on living beyond your place in
life and that it will not stay that way, things are bound to change. Trying to
be something you are not won't work. You need to be yourself.


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Magical Forest- the Tower

When I look at this card I see how things can change right out from underneath of us at any time and at the time it can seem very devastating. When I first saw the tower, it really left me feeling unsettled but now as I have a better understanding of it, I see that sometimes we can get stuck in our little ruts and need a shake up. This isn't always a bad thing because it can lead to change for the better and I know that we can all use a little bit of improvement from time to time!


Crash and burn! Who is that falling out the tower? Is it piglet (The fool, emperor and empress?) and the magician? It looks like they overextended themselves, tried to isolate themselves above and away from the real world and it all come crashing down. Definitely time to think things through and change your plans. I don't see anything positive in this card itself and its a really nasty time (in the sense that a lighting bolt can be nasty!) Its a terrible hail storm and it will take a miracle to survive... Even the flames seem to have become animated and alive!