Magical Forest - Wheel of Fortune


from lwb:

X - The Wheel
The wheel of the old abandoned mill has become a plaything for three special animals: Mercury Cat, Salty Snake, and Sulfur Dragon. The wheel turns and, when one of the three climbs onto it, another gets off. Only one at a time can stay on the top and only one at a time can shout: "I won!"

There's a lot going on in this card. The Wheel card usually means change for the better, good luck, changes in the situation. The cat at the top seems to be just sitting there where the snake and the dragon seems like they are moving. This could be that some things about the situation will change and some won't. The bird in the upper right hand corner seems ready to land on the wheel, the lamb appears to be sitting on the cloud, not moving anywhere, just watching the wheel. Maybe the lamb indicates there are others who are watching what is happening in the situation but not getting involved. The lion in the lower right is still and the bull with the wings in the lower left has his wings raised. The lion always indicates strength to me so maybe he's there to provide support and strength or to make sure everyone takes their turn on the wheel.

I like the cheery colors of this card too.


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Magical Forest- the Wheel

This card seems to give the feeling that life will have it's ups and downs but we are to just hang on if times are tough because the Wheel will always come back around and once again you can find yourself at the top. I wondered what the books that the lamb and eagle are reading, it looks like the lamb might be writing rather than reading though...hmmm.


For me this card is all about fate. What goes around comes around and don't get to comfortable where you are because things will change. The creatures in the top corners - are they reading out what is already recorded and pre ordained to happen, or are they recording what is happening? There are things that are out of our control here on earth, and sometimes we just have to go with the flow without becoming to emotionally attached to a particular outcome. Going round the circle, reading every second letter it spells TAROT (top, right, bottom, left, top). The other letters look hebrew to me. The cat on top - in this deck represents intelligence, the mind, while the snake represents knowledge to me, and the dragon represents creative power - so that gives me the mind is at its peak, knowledge is in decline, while creativity is rising or to put it another way the time for theories is over, time to finish planning and time to act!
I also find the colours quite cheery.