Magickal items


Just a week ago I went to a local holistic store just to poke around and saw some turkey feathers and read how they were used for smudging. As much as I liked them I figured it would be better to wait until I happen upon my own feathers.

Just today I decided to take my dog out into the woods behind my house. And there it was, a single turkey feather laying in the field right before the woods. I have to admit it is kind of strange that as soon as I desired a turkey feather it appeared before me in just a few days. I'm so grateful, as I believe few things are just coincidence!

Has anyone else stumbled upon magickal items too? Whether it be feathers, rocks, shells, etc? What do you currently use your magickal item for?


When I began doing geomancy, I decided to use small stones instead of the box-of-dirt-and-a-stick method to generate the odd and even numbers. I went on a mission to find sixteen 3/4" diameter, perfectly round (or nearly so) stones to use to draw from a bowl. It took a couple of years of wandering our local dirt roads (we do daily walks anyway, so it wasn't a hardship) but I managed to come up with them.


I often stumble upon items I need/desire, but they are not magical, just ordinary.

Just the other day I thought I need a new"no junk mail" sign, and behold, 2 days later a friend of mine offers one to me because she bought two in a sale :D

Same happens with snacks etc. Sometimes at work I get peckish and almost immediately, there are either meeting leftovers or someone sharing their chocolate... it's quite funny and handy!

At one stage of my life I received everything I ever needed so promptly that I half - seriously thought I may have died and live in the afterlife. Since, I've struggled more and not been showered with similar abundance - I wonder if I jinxed myself with that thought :grin:


I don't know about it being magical, but I was wanting to make a smudge stick also, I had looked at buying some feathers online but I wasn't to sure how the feathers where sourced.

So I asked spirit to source me some feathers to make my smudge stick, and a within a couple of weeks I had naturally found good quality crows feathers and also some broken branches, I took the wood home and cut of the bark down to the smooth wood, and I have the feathers in a bag.

I still need to sterilise the feathers before using them, I haven't had time to finish making the smudge stick yet, but to me finding these things was a magical experience even if it not a magical item.