Make a Fey Family~


It is known that the off-spring have physical characteristics of thier parents. Often times Aunts will look like nieces...etc.
I have often played with the Fey and arranged them in family groups- large extended family groups, almost like clans of a tribe.

Have a look through the deck and create a family and describe thier dynamics- for an extra added twist, model this family after your own. to find a family....


Oh, really.

My wife keeps saying we have a dysfunctional family. It might be a stretch to use those nice Feys in such a way. Well, I'll try. Damn, its a new deck -- I hope they don't hate me for this. Dave.


One possible Fey family

The Fey people that I have chosen for character parts in my Fey family have the following characteristics:

1) They generally have "normal" or human-flesh toned skin, although with plenty of variations. Not included are those Fey with pale gray, gray-purple, or green skin tones.
2) They have slender, elongated oval wings with small breaks along one edge. Not included are those with feathery-angle wings.
3) Not included are beast, not-human-like figures, or energy-light figures.

The most elderly Fey would be the gray-haired GRANDMOTHER-like Fey in the Wheel card teaching a DAUGHTER to play with Fate.
The two brothers of this daughter are conventional in their manner and life style -- The Emperor and King of Swords. The King of Swords appears very focused and determined to fulfill his job role but he has a playful wife, the Queen of Pentacles that fills his off-hours with joy. The other brother, the Emperor maintains his position of senority in the kingdom through the help of his wife, the Six of Pentacles, who is highly popular with the Fey People and helps the Emperor formulate benevolent policies.

The Emperor and Six have two unlike children; the studious Seer and frivolous Fool. This pair pains the Emperor but doesn't shake their mother Six at all -- she can manage any type of child. The King and Queen are so proud of their daughter, Strength. Her Aunt of the Wheel plays with Fate at arms length while Strength is not afraid to get up close and personal -- she is obviously the "tom-boy" of the family and the favorite of her grandmother. Strength has a sister, Eight of Pentacles, who is the apple of her Mom's eye and gets all of her creativity from her.

The King, longing for a son, attempted at one time to mentor his Fool nephew but soon gave up -- he just couldn't relate to someone who was so timid and unsure of what he wanted in life. Strength once had a boy friend, Hanged Man, who was as adventuresome as she was. But his mother, Four of Chalices was seen in the community as an indolent tippler of wine with no ambition -- and so that friendship was deemed unworthy of a child of the King.

At this point the Sister of the Wheel caused some trouble for Strength which was blamed on the Hanged Man. Only the understanding and couseling of the Seer could straighten out the mess -- which, of course, led to the brothers coming into conflict with the sister and their mother of the Wheel. Mother's day was going to be a bummer. Even the creator of the Fey tarot, Judgement, couldn't bring forth a Fey spirit of good will to solve this problem.

That's my Fey family. Dave.

Aura Wolf

What a nice idea, lunalafey.


A little family

I decided to base my Fey family on my own, but my family is new, so it's pretty small. There's just the three of us. My fiance is the 3 of pentacles. He's the worker, the craftsman, our provider. He takes great pride in his work and talks so much about it, I think I could do at least part of it from memory! I am the 3 of wands. Watching with pride and joy the miracle the we have worked so hard to create. Our life together and our beautiful daughter. And lastly, she has taken her place in our lives as the Queen of Pentacles. Any and everything she wants or needs, she has. She is dressed in cute little clothes and often has that same look of satisfaction and happiness on her face. One difference I can note, though, is that instead of her hands stroking that pentacle the fey queen is holding, often they are in her mouth hiding her toothless little grin and covered with drool! ;)

I love my little family! :D


having put my cards in piles of simular fey before- I was thinking of doing the 'white-eyes' family- the one that the adorable Justice fey babe belongs to- but I threw in the thing about one's own family at the last minute, and it seemed to linger when I got the fey cards out....
So- my {first} fey family is a reflection of my family.
It was realy interesting as I went through the deck & pulled every card that reminded me of anyone- some of us had more than one card. Through the reduction proccess- I discovered how unintentionaly, I was actually reflecting the physical genetics of these family members- Once I got the family together, I noticed a bunch of other connections of reflection that where not part of determining which cards to choose. The images are reflecting more than I first saw!

Those I have included in my fey family are: myself, my two sons & thier father {he's a good dad, and just seems to still be a part of the whole unit} my daughter(but NOT her dad, he's not a team player) my mother & her mother (grandma is the only one left of that generation on either side), my boyfriend & his brother[//b], who lives with us.
I did not include my father because he is no longer alive- and if he was- I still would not inlude him. There is not a card in the deck that could reflect his negitivity.

I'm going to do this in parts-
Me & my boys & thier dad

Queen of Pentacles~ME
I had a few cards picked out here, but I went with this one because of her youthful look. As a thirty-very-something bartender, I still hear, "are you old enough to even work here?"
I know it's partly a line- but then not always when you consider that when I walk into a bar while traveling- I still get carded and then an apology when they see when I was born. LOL.
The pent queen can be underestimated because of her young appearance. I know how much a dissadvantage this can be, for I sometimes don't get taken seriously. People think I don't have the years of experience.
The earth aspect of the queen also reflects who I am astrologially-
I have my rising and 6 planets in earth signs. The sun & the moon are both decorate the queens shield- my sun & moon are both in capricorn. The queen dresses in a manner that is very much the way I dress- comfort & color being the main factors. Her hair is also in a style that I wear often, except I only put my hair into one 'knot'. While looking at this card for this excercise, I noticed for the first time that there are three little balls of light behind the queen. I mark these to represent my three off-spring. The number 3 is also my soul/personality number for the Empress. Surely the two are related.

10 of Wands~1st born
I see the growing pains that my son goes through in this card. His ego needs some growing into, for it is much to big for the wee thing that he is. Wands associates with fire typically, my son is a fire sign, an Aries in fact. He is quite a competitive being, having to be better than everyone else. A deep frustration sets in when he fails. The Fey in the card struggles with the size of this fruit. Here this represents the kid's ego. The size also represents his drive to out-do everyone. To have the biggest & best at what ever cost. Pushing himself to extreams at times, yet has a tendancy to give up to easy.
Looking at the Fey in this wands card and comparing it to the Queen of Pent he does look to be the offspring of the Queen.
Out of both my boys {with the same father}, the oldest is the one that is my carbon-copy, but the attitude he has is more like his father the King of Pentacles. {I'll get to him after my other kids}

5 of Cups~2nd born
Cups, water, my 2nd born is a water sign, Picses. In this card is a fey that seems to be delighted with destruction. My son fidgets with wht ever his hands are on. Sometimes he has shedded a piece of paper without even realizing it. He is quite sensitive and when upset, will retreat away from the 'community'. He an be amusing, tries to be the goof-ball that he can't. He also has a temper, but not one so hot like his brother. You can definatly tell when he is angry just by looking at his face. He does not become outwardly distructive when upset though. He contains his demolishing nature to happier times-lol, whih is fully refleted by the giggling fey inside the broken cup. This is the boy that has my attitude in alot of ways, but his physical appearance takes after his dad.

6 of Cups~the baby girl Unlike the boys, the card element is not reflected in my daughters sign, she is a Leo. As well- unlike my boys, she has a different father. I had not thought about it before, but I see the way she looks at this egg. She is white eyed- which can means a few things- right now it was knowing- without any reason or proof, that this was my baby girl I had wanted. Out of all those ovum- she was the one. I figure the element of the suit reflects the emotional issues I have to face with having her with her difficult dead-beat dad. I like the Angel wings, and again, something I noticed t this moment, my daughter has a collection of angels. {back to the eggs} when I first picked this card for my daughter, I saw the eggs as representing her many gifts. She is extreamly intelligent, reads beyond her grade level. A wiz at math too. She has artistic talent as well as a sweet angelic voice. Being a Leo, I figure she will end up in the entertainment business. {she learns a movie script pretty quick}

SO- that is me & my family members I will do are my maternals, then the guys :D

September Pixie

We are sort of a mixture of the White's and the Blue's.. funny that these cards actually DO represent us and they are among my favorites of the deck :)

The Stars (XVII) - Me
I see a lot of things in this card that represent me.. I am young, I absolutely adore stars (well, all things associated with the moon and stars actually), she feels with her heart not her head.. she is deeply intuitive, and not to mention all colors used here are among my favorites! :D She has left herself open and vulnerable, but knows absolutely no other way to live.

The Moon (XVIII) - My Mom
This card actually looks like my mother! My mother is a wonderer... she's been married 3 times and is seldom happy where ever she is.. right now she lives in Florida and wants desperately to come home.. Our relationship had been a rocky one when I was younger, but now we understand each other quite well and I am mostly sad that I cannot 'fix' how she feels... She has a touch of the wanderlust and needs things to be constantly changing for her to be happy..

Justice (XI) - My Grandmother (who actually raised me)
When I selected this card, I wasn't sure how it really represented her.. She see's nothing but the truth, she is extremely intuitive, and holds NO attachment to the material world, she is very innocent, and HIGHLY intuitive (3rd eye), she had foretelling dreams as long as I can remember, and she doesn't second guess any action she makes.. while raising me, she left me room to be the free child I wanted to be as long as my choices were appropriate.

King of Chalices - My Father
This card is SO my father! He offers his deepest emotions for everyone to see, he's often been hurt but he never stops offering... My father is one of the kindest, most giving, and gentle souls I have ever met.. he is very sensitive and always willing to help others above himself.. I've always had a strong relationship with my father :)

Knight of Chalices - My Boyfriend
In most readings, the King of Cups usually has represented him.. but this fits too, he first of all, is living far from his native land (Russia) and he is a VERY hard worker, he chooses to involve himself deeply in anything he takes on.. he has put love on the back burner for most of his life, when we got together it was an instant connection, we blend together so well its hard to see at times where I end and he begins :) He is MUCH like my father, has many of the same strengths and weaknesses.. I admire him for his strength and courage, and at the same time, feel blessed that he has chosen me.. (ok, did all that gushy love stuff make anyone want to retch? lol)