Making a Quartz Necklace.

Spirit Panda

I have been wanting to make a quartz crystal necklace; on it I will have a large Brazilian clear quartz healing stone, and 2 double terminated smoky and rose quartz wands.

I will empower the clear quartz as a channeling aid into the spirit world, the rose quartz will be empowered to be an aid to the mind And help me understand my emotions. Last but not least the smoky quartz; it will be empowered to gather my energies, and keep me concentrated.

I ask of you all, is there anything I should add to or take away from this necklace?


That grouping sounds fine to me. Stone combinations are, in some ways, as individual as any other preference. But if you're feeling drawn to a particular stone or combination, then it's something that ought to work well for you.

The things that are equally important for a piece of metaphysical jewelry are "Does it accomplish what I need it to do?", "Does the look appeal to me?", and "Do I feel good wearing it?"

If you can answer YES to all three of these questions, then you've done it right. :)

Actually, we can add in a fourth item: "Is the design practical?" If only because some things that look great on paper, or on display, turn out to be inconvenient, uncomfortable, too fragile, etc. when they're actually WORN.

Don't forget to post a photo of it when you're done! You can upload the picture to or any other photo site, then link to it. :)