Making a tarot deck?? I really am interested!!!!


That's so cool!!! If anyone has AIM (Aol Instant Messenger) please talk to me!!! My SN is RapBoiMNM
Please IM me if you could help me along Im kinda scared about making my own deck!!!!


No need to be scared! We've got at least 12 people here who are in the process right now.

What are the problems you're running into? I think someone here can help you out, the artwork on the decks being worked on ranges from pen & ink to watercolor to computer art. SOMEONE should know the answers for you.


Welcome to Aeclectic, FlyingAway. Don't be afraid to ask questions here on this forum. Its full of friendly people who are in all stages of deck creation and publication.



maybe you could change your screen name from 'flying away' to 'buckling down and getting it done'. :)

(kidding! kidding! [dodges flying objects...])

ahem. but seriously. we've all been where you are. questions --- just ask!

Major Tom

Welcome to the community. :)

FlyingAway said:
Im kinda scared about making my own deck!!!!

As others have already said - there are many here in various stages of creating their own decks.

What are you scared of? Just do it. })

You'll find most of us are willing to help once you have something to show us or questions to ask us. ;)


Howdy FlyingAway... welcome to Aeclectic.

As for starting to create your own Tarot deck... heck... starting is the easy part. Decide what you want to say and how you want to say it and start writing down your ideas for each card. Make rough sketches. Dive right in! :D I've gotten a start on 2 Tarot decks! One card is complete for one deck and is now part of the on-line Aeclectic Tarot Project II...

Yes... getting started is easy. Keeping the momentum... now that's difficult. Actually finishing a project? There's the real challenge for me! ;) But don't let that scare you... the fun is in the doing...


If a full 78 cards is too much, try starting with just the majors.

Hey, Flying Away, are you still there?



Yah I'm here!
I am worried about how to cut the paper out, what kind of paper to use, and how to laminate it. o.o;;

Major Tom

Re: eek!

FlyingAway said:
I am worried about how to cut the paper out, what kind of paper to use, and how to laminate it. o.o;;

How about 4x6 index cards? or 3x5? That way you don't have to worry about cutting out. ;)

Depending on the medium you use, you might not have to worry about lamination either. :)


This is a deck just for you & not for commercial production, right? If you're using collage, you'll have to protect the surface somehow so the collage edges don't pop up. They have crystal laminate (sticky on one side, smooth on the other) at places like Office Depot or Office Max (or any office supply store). If you need, you can laminate only the fronts this way. If you want both sides laminated, Kinkos has a machine that'll do it for you, but you'll have to cut around all the edges no matter which way you go.

Just concentrate on doing up the cards for now. Take the first steps, there are always options. In fact, use any kind of paper you want, if it's going to be covered, then you don't need to worry about thickness, when you laminate you can always do it 2 sided and put the paper against a card stock for extra stiffness.

AND, think about this--just do the art, then have it color laser xeroxed (89 cents for a 11x14" size usually) and cut those apart & laminate them. This way when they wear out you can use the originals to do a second set for you at an affordable cost. You can fit a lot of cards on the 11x14" paper.