Making Things Right


a spin-off of my WHo To Trust? thread (

I decided to use Roewyn's Reconciliation Spread (

I'm trying to figure out the best path with B. To turn things around and at least come out friends from this:

1. His feelings towards me: Lovers - I feel like he does care about me, but he's not sure what to make of me, and he's struggling with a decision.

2. His Concerns - Moon - He's definitely still confused, and not sure if he trusts me or the situation - wondering whether it's all an illusion.

3. Obstacles preventing contact - The Sun - Pride, and perhaps a lack of confidence, because this situation has everyone on unsure footing.

4. Action he'll most likely take - The Star - He's gonna sit tight and hope for the best.

5. My Feelings towards him - Strength - I'm trying to figure out the right approach to set things right. I have always enjoyed the mututal respect we show each other.

6. My Concerns - 5 of Swords - I'm still not confident if i can totally trust him, and I hope he's not tricking me.

7. What I need to overcome or focus on - 6 of Swords - I should focus on the road ahead and getting through the troubled waters. I need to leave the mental agony behind and trust that where I'm going is where I'm supposed to be on this journey.

8. Action I should take - 2 of Swords - Now this is where I need soem brainstorming from y'all. I feel like it can me 2 different things:

~~~~a. Do nothing, and let instint and intuition tell me what i need to know.

~~~~b. Get off the fence, stop beign paralyzed by fear, and get the clarification I need.

9. Most likely outcome of no action: Queen of Wands - If i don't feel right, I'll leave it behind and move on to greener pastures. It might take a while to get over the trauma tho.

10. Essence of the Relationship as it stands now - The Magician - This is a very surface level relationship at the moment, but with honest communication, especially about this little crisis, something deeper could manifest.

11. Likelihood of a Reunion - 6 of Wands - I'd say the chances are good, of us coming thru this and being able to feel right about each other again.

12 - Time Frame for reconciliation - Ace of Wands - I'm at a loss here, so many ways to read this. 1 Week? The first Week of Summer? 1 Day?

SO this is what I'm hoping soemone can help me with:

When should I make my approach, and should my approach be a "wait and see, let my gut tell me what I need to know", or a "get off the fence, take your blinders off, and ask what you need to know" course of action?


in analyzing this reading, i think it's funny that all of his cards are majors, and most of mine, save my feelings for him, are swords. I guess perhaps I am too inside my head about this.


Well, he likes you and wants to be your friend but is rather fearful at the moment, and you need to look to the future here and leave the past behind you.

You certainly need to "get off the fence" and take that blindfold off as well, so that you can see exactly what is going on here.

6 wands looks good for a successful reunion, so go for it.

Ace of wands suggests that you get on with it now, the time has come for you to begin.


Thanks Willowfox! in hindsight, you're advice to get on with it, should have been glaringly obvious. That wahat that 6 of swords was tleling me to do. *lol*

So I will go ahead and get on with it. I don't know if i'll attempt to sort it this weekend, or next weekend, but I feel like i need to get it done as soon as possible, myself.