since i like to share things that i learn along the way, here is something i posted in the 'asking for things' thread, but thought it deserved its own outing.
I did a discussion group with spirit on manifestation yesterday, was fascinating. I thought about this thread and thought i would share what i found out, obviously discard if it doesnt resonate with you .

-You can manifest from various places:
energy bodies

-write the question a number of ways, if you cant re-write the question in any other way, then likely your asking it for the wrong reason.

-Try and detach yourselves from it a bit, and see what it looks like from a diffferent perspective.

-say what your asking for allowed and see how it feels, if its too strong or brings out an extreme emotion or feeling then likely your not asking it for the right reasons.

-Ask you soul, heart, higher self what the need and want, both to keep you on your path, and also to keep them balanced. Warning though, if you ask what they need, be prepared for what they answer.

- remember to ask with humility, and for your highest good

- be clear in what you want, dont just ask for 'abundance' or 'success' or 'prosperity'. Be clear in what they mean to you, if you want money, and you ask for abundance you could simply get a bowl of fruit. If you want money, ask for it so there is no ambiguity.

-be honest in what you really want, as the above note says, if you cant be honest about what you want, why are you asking for it?


2004 thread as well

I first heard of manifesting in the book david st clair instant esp and in it you used a pentagram to put personal symbols in each star. then you say what each symbol is.
i never did it but it stuck in my mind.
then i ordered the book creating money which taught among other things, discovering and creating your life life, magnetize and draw to you what you want, and teaches you can do what you love if you allow success.
when you do the energy attraction excerise it is to attract those who you can serve and help instead of just customers.

sometime after that i got the tape album advanced manifesting and magnetizing which is about turning what you want into energy in your mind,, make the energy more beautiful and being open to letting the energy come in even better forms, then bring it down into the world and merge it with your dna.

further techiques was in the solar light where you add light, and this .
the divine wills is about aligning your desires and will with the divine will by working with the 7 rays.
they are clearing obstacles, unifying, evolving, harmonzing, liberating through truth, causing, and the will to express your spirit.
you take those 7 rays and send into an desire and let the 7 rays change it and let it go.

shakti gawain in her book creative visualization also talked about manifesting with affirmation,, letting it be surround by purple light and letting it go.
that is a big thing about it is letting go and detaching.
I used these techiques to manifest myself a job, helping me bring internet to my mom's reserve, getting this place where i live.

I had some dreams that corresponded with this ,, the first was a series of dreams that although wasnt' where i lived had the same people in it from the area i lived.
then before i got the offer,, i had a dream where i was offered a good thing by my uncle.
(i think my mind was blocking more specifics like getting this place specifically).

the biggest dream though was i was this hotel and i was asking for a room and i had no money. this guy dressed all fancy in a suit came in there and said "i represent he who sent me" paid off my room and left.

it didn't work to help me win bingo though eheh and i was actively working towards the job at the time, and internet. I wasn't actively looking for a place to live though i did have my name in the running with some others. in fact i wouldnt' of got this place if my other uncle who wasnt' in my dream turned it down for it was too small for him.

I haven't used these in a while for there is really anything i want to manifest right now like i am on a limited income that does me good for my needs, and the little entertainment things i save up for like movies, and games.

but yes sometimes the answer to manifesting is no,, it just isnt' mean to be.
and it doens't make things that much easier, you still have to work for it but i think it adds momentum to what one is working on.

you just have to try manifsting techique that appeal to you and see it works. and sometimes i think the answer is like yoda who says to luke " that is why you failed " to luke comment " i don't believe it ".

there is the proverty consciousness that one of the first time i had a reading with the tarot the lady said "you are full of the proverty consciouness" and tried to explain it to me.

there are more links to people thoughts on it,, there wasn't a wiki onit

examples of proverty consciouness is
i can't do it,
i will never be able to affrod it
i will fail so why try
i dont' deserve it

which starts to heal it by saying to oneself

i can do it ,
if i want to, perhaps i can afford it
i can try and see how well i do
i do deserve it.

where is it said that a spirtual person has to live in proverty like a monk giving up the trappings of the world, though there is nothing wrong with that.

back in the old days one of the shamanism book says they would go to the shaman and ask for a vision of where to go to hunt for food. (i have no idea how true it is )
there was talks about asking our power animals to help us in some pratical things like give us the illusion of time so we can do things or bring us power in order to help us achieve this goal as warriors.

in angel work one can call upon certain archangels to help us in our efforts, though i have read about using magicks to use angels to do work work for us, it is something i am comfortable in studying.

sometimes manifesting isn't so much about asking for it to be handed to us on a silver plate but to help us by giving us guidance, perhaps clearing an obstacle we may not be aware of, or helping us feel enough strength to try.