it was written by Machaelle Small Wright

i saw it once oh about 9 years ago.. and so does anyone know anything about it ?

i am going to order it,,

here is a link to it on amazon and a review for it on a other differnt site.

and for your reiki people out there :O)
they say it can be combined with reiki :O)

here it talks about the second edition.
(pray tell,, i will wiat til tomorrow if someone has second edition for trade we can talk turkey,, and dracula :O)

so anyone heard, read,, done the program ?
me will wait til tomorrow before ordering to see what you guys say :O)


ok, the phrase "white brotherhood" totally gives me the creeps!!!

...anyway, i found this link explaining the use of these words in the name (i'd still be more comfy if they would out and out deny any connection to the other 'white brotherhood' or better yet, use their sensitivity to others and change it!),


Holmes, I'm not familar with it but I found this for you...

Further, buy it and tell me if it *works*!! LOL. I desperately need to find a new personal treatment plan for the fibromyalgia I can stick to... the pain and exhaustion are so bad and sap my will/creative energies almost to the core. But this sounds.... errr... a little too New Agey for my wacky LHP nature to adventure into, certainly not without seeing some proof its deeper than appears at first glance, first impression.


PS: The idea of a "white brotherhood"/ "white lodge" goes deep in certain metaphysical traditions that are completely light-love embracing; its a crying shame that the same term is used by certain hate-embracing racialist groups. But I don't think there's anything to fear from this White Brotherhood except (dare I say it... *smacks self and hopes I don't offend*...).... a little tooth decay. :p


The White Brotherhood has been around far longer than any of the white supremist groups. Over 2 decades ago, I heard through contacts in a mediation study group program that they "hover" over certain areas. Mt Carmel in California & Virginia Beach, Virginia were two that I recall mentioned, but I was unable to get definitive information. I was directed by a couple of folks to the work of Elizabeth Clare Prophet, who has been a somewhat controversial figure.

The online information I found on the White Brotherhood previously has not been available for some time, but there is this:

This link is to a Prophet site:

Both are apparently related.

New River

i too, have mainly gotten my WBH info from the clare prophet writings from a long time ago. i'm sure i still have one of those old books around somewhere.

in my experience, spirit healers are the same kind of thing. i happen to use my own spirit healers, altho they could all be connected thru the white light thing, i don't know.

i do know that Michelle Small Wright wrote one of my favorite books Ever, called, Behaving As If The God In All Things Matter. i think the title is right. close if not exact. this book changed the way i saw everything, especially nature. very buddhist type thinking but westernized to seem only right. like, the way we should see it. simply respect for all life.

i am definitely going to check this site and book out as i too, have fibromyalgia and the pain and exhaustion are so hard to live with. plus, it is a lesser known disease and needs to be researched further. i think i am agreeing with the part about the energy of the solar plexis connected with the FM tho.

thanks to Holmes and MeeWah for bringing this to my attention. and please, if you have time and inclination, check out Michelle's other book i mentioned.

love and blessings,
New River


Map...White Brotherhood

I have a friend in California who used the program...she has recovered from breast and then bone cancer (over the past 4-5 years) when the traditional doctors didn't expect her to live...but I know that this was only one of the alternate healing systems she used...she thought they were very supportive and called to talk to them often...they had her do some things she said she never would have considered on her own...but they were very helpful...a type of journaling was one...and she is an artist and they had her do a certain kind of drawing too...and of course the essences...which she swore by...used them for her children and pets...and plants in her garden...she was already a professional healer before using this system...Reiki...Shamanism and crystal name some...

I did question her about the White Brotherhood connection and I seem to remember it relates to the White Ray of Spiritual Light...She felt drawn to a memory...against all odds she's alive and well...even painting again...Mount Shasta and sites in northern Canada...and well are White Brotherhood areas and it's related to ascended masters and the positive evolution of humanity...the 5 root races...etc...


hi guys

it been a long time since I got this book. here is two stories.

sometime in 2004/5 after I got this book, I posted about the dramatic healing I got from it. (I can't find it.. it was probably one of the threads in the archives that was deleted).

so let me recap from what I remember.
in 1995 I was driving a 4 wheeler for the first time, rode down a hill as I don't know how to drive , felled off the 4 wheeler as it crashed into a tree went flying and hit the tree with my shoulder and bounced back into the four wheeler. I don't remember feeling any pain.

now at the time of the healing, my right shoulder hurt just to move it, my neck hurt, everything over there hurt. I think I just got this book, I put my cpac machine on, some music I opened up the coning, and felled into a deep sleep til Waylon Jennings.

during the sleep, I felt one of the masters, healers say "relax mr lockyer" and my right shoulder moved and I felt a big adjustment and heard a big crack in my neck or shoulder. I felled back asleep again.. and awoke to a smaller crack sound readjustment. when I woke I didn't feel any pain just a small bit of tenderness.
since then I tried it and had no dramatic healings, but then I wasn't in real pain.

two nights ago,, my shoulder in the front near the bones was really hurt so much that I felt I had done some damage to it that needed to be repaired.
I did the coning before falling sleep and I didnt' have the dramatic healing I had before. I do remember being able to sleep on it for a bit.

I awoke the next day went though my excerises not being able to really lift my arm. it hurt so much trying to get out of the arm chair that I felt disheartened. I got really tired at 12. to 12.30 pm that I went to bed.
when I woke up I didnt' realize it but I had no pain just a small tenderness that acted up the next day at the back of the arm.
I felled into a deep sleep again yesterday just after 1 and woke up about 430. the tenderness was gone.

today I was able to do stretching with my Persians clubs, some warm up with the kettlebells (didn't do the kettle bell over my head , it is only 10 pounds but I didn't want to press things ), and able to lift myself off the armchair without the excuting pain.

I am sure somehow the medical assistance program help me to heal this shoulder as I didn't do reiki/quantum touch on myself.