Margarete Petersen : Daughter of Flames


Link to image: Tochter der Flammen

  • Translation

  • From my mother I received Song.
    From my father, Inspiration.
    My Brother gave me rhythm.
    My body has become flowing through heat and rhythm. Tiny light, air and fire particles electrify my life's sphere. From their light I weave silky melodies. Dancing accoss the periphery of old habits, I feel connected to my core. Springing into the center, I am one with everything which is beyond my perception. I was raised on tiger's milk and it made me strong, and I gathered together the quivering light-threads from my triangle. Dancing, I displace all my barriers and the blossoms in my breast open. I stretch out my arms and embrace the world.


Amazing image

When I looked at the card, I can feel the move of the dancing. Unlike some of the Pages who just stare at the energy /wand and get fascinated by it. This Daughter takes a step further, she is into it. She feels the energy of flame. She is enjoying the energy. Through the dance she get the full experience of the flame.

firemaiden, you really did a great job on translation. Some of you here are really good at articulate your thoughts or translation, yes, firemaiden you are one of them. I really hope that I can articulate in the way like you guys.


I am glad you like the image, Moon Mermaid. It is one of my favorites. I think it shows the kind of energy a singer or a dancer has to have when performing. It reminds me of what I was taught when I studied ballet, to imagine being a ray of light, and to feel the air moving about you as you dance. She looks like one who has all her energy centers open and is receiving energy from above and transmitting it outward, as a performer-as-medium must.

The translation is my best attempt at staying close to the beautiful prose poem written by Margarete Petersen. I find her texts all border on poetry, and sometimes they need a bit of explanation, or... shall we say exploration. Like MP's Sun, this fire-dancer also sings. It is very interesting to me, who am a singer, that MP brings together the idea of fire/light/flames with the idea of singing.