Margarete Petersen English- powerfully accurate

Tansey Ella

I just got my Margarete Petersen about a week or so ago. I think it is just stunning I do not usually like decks that are abstract, but this one just pulled me in .
I asked the deck regarding a health issue. I did a 10 card celtic spread. On number 8-the your environment,/how others see you-wow, the 2 of feathers came up. It immediately looked like an almost closed eye. That is an actual issue for me now.
I can see it will take a long time to aquatint myself with this deck and as I said I don't usually like abstract decks but this one has so many layers and it is just wonderful.
Also, the cards shown on AT show a deck with dark borders and I believe they are in German. I don't see any mention of when the off white or light Grey borders were created.
Is there a general chat thread about this deck?


Hi Tansey, I believe the maroon borders were the first print in German, which has been OOP and HTF for years. The second print has grey borders and was done in English as well as German, I believe that print's already several years old but still available.
Yes, gorgeous artwork, and very deep. Margarete spent nearly 20 years on the artwork of this deck, I believe, living with the meanings and digesting them every day...