Margarete Petersen Study -Daughter of Coins


  • My mother gifted me with trust.
    My father, vitality.
    My brother, boundaries.
    I spent four days in a cave, fasting and meditation cleared my mind. A rattle filled with crystals allowed me to understand the thoughts and the language of my body. I remember all the forms and configurations that were once me.
    I am the daughter of the senses - of reflections. Deeply absorbed in the archaeology of my homeland, I took many paths. Circular and spiral forms lead me through the layers of my being. I went through deserts, inhabited and uninhabited landscapes. I nourished myself with plants, and healed myself with herbs. My mind became clean and pure as a crystal. I am naked and alone, yet not lonely. Through a yoga position called the Tree, I am joined to the richness of my mother's and father's knowledge of yoga. I bring myself into balance, aligning my inner and outer mind and body. I bind together root, stem, and crown.

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Here I see the Daughter of COINS balanced and centered. She is focused on the crystal. There is a canyon that she is in. Canyons are formed from years and years of wearing down by water.You can see all the layers that the water has made in the earth. There is a woven border with leaves in them. What seem to me as breezes flow through and around the DofC. Like fresh insights.

For me this card would mean taking time out to become focused and balanced. Go deep and explore the many layers of the situation. New and fresh insights will come your way and the answers will be cyrstal clear. All of this will lead to new growth.