Margarete Petersen Study -Daughter of Feathers


  • From my mother I received space and flexibility.
    My father gave me the ability to make distinctions. My brother gave me awareness.

    Right-brain feminine -- left-brain masculine. Masculine agressive and war-like, feminine receptive and constructive. Sun masculine, Moon feminine. Water soft, metal hard. Day bright - night dark. Truth good -- lies bad.

    I dance and jump about, I shake everthing up. I am always moving and blow the dust off paralysed thought-patterns. I feed my old negative projections with movement. Nothing collects dust, nothing hardens, nothing stiffens. My spirit is as lithe and supple as the wind. I focus my thoughts easily, I reach my goal without effort. I jump from the concrete to the abstract. I have abandoned habitual attitudes, and with every breath I draw, I experience myself anew.

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