Margarete Petersen Study - Father of Flames - Shiva



  • Coming from flame, my spirit is a firework in the night sky. A shower of sparks, an explosion of fire, fire-drops coming together and falling apart.

    A billowing fire-wave washes up pictures from the Unconscious realm. An endless stream of pictures in layers, half slashed, half burned. Pictures of predatory beasts, masks, grimaces, angels and devils, all devouring eachother. One tearing up the other and then reappearing. Pictures coming at breakneck speed. Cascading showers of sparks giving form to new scenes. Pictures of bodies consumed one in the other. Each one giving birth to the next. Shiva, the indian God, who created the world while dancing, symbol of procreative and creative power. Fire explosions release my grip, I become sparks, melt into the wave of pictures, burn my old orbit. I am a part of the cycle of dissolution and renewal, part of the purifying fire. Bright sails of light flow through my veins. My flame purifies and structures, allowing room for impartiality and unused perceptions. My beloved, the Fiery One, frees me from the feeling of separation.

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