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  • I am Mother Earth. My being is embossed with growth and decay. My body, my gaze, [are] awake and present. Life has marked me with fine lines, woven me with trees, flowers, fruit, plants, animals, and all the organisms of the earth which blossomed into us.

    I am bountiful nourrishment, and put meat on the bones. At the new moon, my body answers with red lines. I live in the feet, the legs, the pelvis, the belly, the organs, the sinews and joints, the arms and hands, in the heart and in the head. I know the pathways. The circling, pulsing of the blood, the filigree of nerves. I am also to be found in markets, in the corridors of money- and commodity flows, in the fields, in the garden. I know the power of coins, both sides -- riches and poverty, accumulation and deficit.

    I am the rocking - calming -- quieting -- gathering -- healer -- epicure. I affect that which has not yet begun to appear. I am the coiled snake at the end of the whirl of bones, when it is unfurled, the grass shivers.

    My husband, whose body weight is the equal of mine, built me a boat, which carries me across the river.

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Wow! I love this one!! I love these cards. They're beautiful and so is the verse...

This reminds me of many aeons, each one captured in a frame and then superimposed... in the fall colors of the harvest...time bends perspective somewhat, and life forms change, but one can still see and feel the there is also a sense of timelessness

I wonder if the Woman is from 1st world? Is the boat she speaks of the boat that was given to the suvivors of each of the worlds disastors and that has carried them to new land and new life? She has many stories to tell.

There is something very kind about this woman. She wants to share all that she has, all that she knows, and all that she is...we are a part of her..she is illuminated by the Sun...and has great Joy in being alive.

Firemaiden, thanx for all the translations...I've been reading them and enjoying very much..hope no one minds if I comment from time to time...I'm enjoying others comments too!



Hi starsongs, how wonderful to have your comments! Thank you for your kind words. I love what you said about timelessness and the colours of harvest. I hadn't thought about the boat. I like the sense you've made of it, that feels right.


Hi Firemaiden..

You're welcome, thank you too! I really do love these cards, and will continue to read along



Some of us were thinking about the value of Tarot in creativity. In speaking to the unconscious, the intuition, the spirit it can sometimes inspire creativity.

After a conversation with Gardener, I picked the Mother of Coins and without reading anything about her wrote the first version of this. I've struggled with it a bit because I'm not a natural poet and I was a little dismayed at what came out first. But that's OK. I'm readiing a book by Hal Zina Bennett (recommended by Julia Campbell) which suggests it is natural that both good and difficult experiences provide the ground for writing, painting or whatever your bent is.

This image is so vibrant. I love the colours. On first glance a figure seemed to be emerging from a mineshaft, or something leading to the bowels of the earth. I think my Demeter/Persephone memories tuned in here. So my poem sort of fits as an interpretation of these first impressions of this card.

This deck is rapidly becoming a favourite. There is so much in it, and each time you look at an image something different occurs,

From the underground

She was accused of waiting for grief,
of dying early,
of not wanting
a suburban burial place
with house and garden.

She was trapped in an unknown past.
She did not make it.
She did not choose it
consciously in this life.
She was diverted, an accident.

She travelled the path of nothingness,
missing messages
from roses
weeping blood
on grasping fingers.

Her fruit from the underworld
is faith revealed.
And joy found
in the darkness
is poignant, unshackled.