Margarete Petersen Study -Nine of Coins - all life's riches in a stone



  • Fulfillment. Meditate on the stone, and you will be stone-rich. Fulfillment and treasures are not directly visible. It is in the everyday, the ordinary -- the fullness of life is something everyone can have. If we admit thoughts about unattainable objectives, or for that which we cannot have, instead of fullness, we experience a permanent deficiency. A state of emptiness is the pre-requisite to experiencing fullness. Everyone who has once fasted, and then eaten again, knows how intense the first bite tastes.

    It is said, all minerals could fit in one stone. Round, rough stones symbolise the feminine. Treasures in a stone are yet deeply hidden. Through Meditation, the stone grows soft, and becomes ready to bare its treasures.

Link to Image: Neun der Münzen

A woman (or Goddess?) (Tibetan?) before a stone, right had raised. A spiral of golden light swirls about the stone, while a river of light flows behind her. A faint frog or e.t. like thing can be seen kneeling at her right.

I hope my translation succesfully communicates what MP meant. I do not entirely understand what she means -- how a stone contains all the minerals within -- perhaps she is thinking particularly of a geode - bearing crystals of precious gems within. But the geode's treasures are accessed with a geological hammer , not by meditation.. hmmm. I like the comparison of the stone full of secret treasures to the woman... (rather ...titilating... who can unwind these?). I also like the suggestion that the riches in question are also all spiritual. Yes - Macavity...once again we are going within. :) I am a bit troubled otherwise by the stone image - hardness comes to mind, not femininity.

Anyone? I wonder how we can relate this to the RWS image of the woman with her grapevines bursting with fruit, and the little snail passing by at her feet. I sense the stone and the snail are kindred spirits. :) meditative? And what of Thoth?

Speak o great mystics of AT. By which alchemy can you make a woman rise out of a stone?

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Perhaps (like navels!) the image can be perceived as an "in-y" rather than an "out-y" :D

Before you mentioned the outside of the stone, the blob appeared to me, as a hollow interior of (the same) agate: And, as you say, some "incubate" crystaline growth... out of the molten interior. Now, is this relevant? :laugh:

Snails annoy gardeners... sand grains irritate, but give rise to perls... the seed needed to initiate crystaline growth, to impregnate a womb? But I can't think of any gardeners who really like snails! Maybe it's that (Waite) feeling of enclosure - the "Bird in a Gilded Cage"? Some Thoth clones seem to use images of sudden and unexpected Gain - often hidden inside caves, treasure boxes... now rocks? Hmmm... })

Macavity (rambling)


I don't usually associate "Aces with the Magician, 2's with the High Priestess", etc., but I do see a connection between this card and the Hermit. I've always felt that the woman in the RWS was not content because of the "stuff" around her, but because of her access to a deep spiritual core that enables her to be content by herself and to enjoy the earth's bounty, without chasing after it or yearning for more. So for me, Margarete's interpretation gets to very essence of this card. Alone but not lonely, she is concious of a solid rock within that indeed can contain all treasure- what do you need to be content, to feel fulfilled, to appreciate existence? It is there. It's energy spirals out and enters the meditative mind, that sits right at the edge of the stream of the unconcious, causing it to glow with creative (green) and spiritual (yellow) energy. The gain that doesn't rust or corrode is available to the mind that seeks spiritual fulfillment first, and enjoys the bounty of the earth in that state of spiritual satiation.


Thanks guys! Macavity, that was hilarious. :D (...molten rock indeed!) and Galadrial, that was beautiful and enlightening :) I didn't know about the colors of energy, or that a rock could have an energy. (Always more here than meets the eye, isn't there! ) - so the woman is "sitting at the edge of the stream of consciousness" - wow! the painting is so linguistic! just as dream language is said to be. (Are we having fun yet?)


At the still point, there the dance is. T.S. Eliot

Stand quivering in the midst of all that potential energy, the eye of the storm
Does the urge to dance summon you? Or instead
Do you find tranquility while doing laps around the perimeter?

Nine of coins often called Wishes Satisfied.
Satisfy all your wishes by reducing them to the wish for simplicity.
Deceptively complex, how to eliminate the calls, the bills, the health insurance payments, car maintenance, family obligations, your search for your personal destiny, the anxiety of global policy clashes, expressed by other means (thanks, Clauswitz), the paths not taken?

Can you sit in the sun, feeling the energy of the stones before you, ignoring the flies?