Margarete Petersen Study -Nine of Flames


  • The fire of Healing and Maturity. The nine flames make the whole spectrum of fires known to you. The Fire of Growth, of Destruction, of Anger, of Passion, of Ambition, of Warmth, of Closeness, of Lust, of Touch, and of Inspiration.

    The fire of the body and the fire of the Spirit. Through experiences and survival you have learned with these powers to carry on. You can experience and guide it.

Link to image: Neun der Flammen

The image shows an opening like a window through the wall of fire, though which a statue-like human stands unscathed. He looks to be made of clay, makes me think of a clay figure being "fired". If you look closely, there are other figures to be detected in the fire. A sort of woman to his right (sitting at a table with a glass?); different dragon/wolf/tiger like creatures with their tongues. A sort of rainbow at the top.

Wondering if this card is meant to depict the arrival at the final alchemical stage in preparation of the philosopher's stone, - ... where are our experts?

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