Margarete Petersen Study -Seven of Cups


  • Illusion - disillusion. Dip into the cloudy, nebulous realm of illusions. Play with wishes, dreams, and illusions. The realm of unlimited possibilities. Let every layer loose, notice everything at once. See the entire net of your wish-fantasies. A journey through the layers of imagined pictures and wishes. Return to earth. Where do your wishes come from, and which well-spring nourrishes them?
    Allow the fragile net of deceptions, illusions, wishes, and feelings to draw over itself. Do not interfere. Be in tune with the rhythm of change.

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September Pixie

I don't really care for most of the pip cards in this deck sadly, i feel they are lacking something the majors possess.. however in this card.. I see chaos.. creative processes perhaps.. I see many eyes drawn around this card.. the symbol of beauty.. red and yellow all around this card symbolizes the creative process.. this is an interesting card with a jumble of things going on.


Well, I do like this card, I like all the cups cards a lot, this is one of my preferred cards. The jumble of things as you say, relates to the seven offered cups in the RWS card - each offering a different dream.

Here it seems are several superimposed images. Are they different strata of memory? strata of lived times and ways - whose echoes continue for ever in the same spot, interweaving with eachother?

The image looks to me like several scenes of fishing and fishermen, from different historical times, a time of boats with tall masts, a time of canoes, a time of rafts and long poles?

Certainly in her text there is an allusion to fishing here. "See the entire net of your wish fantasies" she writes. The word "net" implying the fish and the sea, and the fishing -

Perhaps "fishing" is the meditation, which opens the "net" of mind into the "sea" of unconcious fish/wishes.


I don't have this deck, but noticed something which may be worth mentioning, it may or may not fit in with the theme of the deck.

The square (4) is obvious, and there also seems to be a theme of triangles (3) throughout the painting. Four being earthly matters and the body and three being creativity, the soul. The the colouring, yellow to orange to reds would also fit this.

I see a seascape with small island and fishing boats too. The old man perhaps refers us to memories. He has eyes that look kindly at the reader and could tell a lifetime of stories.


Oh yes!! the sail is a triangle!! and the frame is a square! perfect. We shall have to refer to jmd's "how may it be read" threads for the meaning of squares and triangles conversing in the suit of cups....

Little Baron

Maybe one fish is enough ...

What a fabulous picture. I wonder now, how I could ever have dismissed this deck in the past by thinking that the minors had 'nothing to them'. This card is just brimming with texture and tale.

That main face is captivating. His eyes burn into me. Unlike some of the cards, the pictures overlap and work all over the canvas. Nothing has a firm barrier from anything else and I feel that they are all memories, choices or alternatives open to this man. But in overlap, they fight for his attention. It's overload time. And it tires him and makes him weary.

I am dreadful at decision making. Many of you here would have seen me jump from one deck to another, and then from that to something else, wondering whether I had chosen the right one for me. I am like that in other areas of life too, so often it is good if I am not given too much choice. Otherwise I will end up like the man in this picture, and the result is that of someone who is tired and frustrated by too much choice.

Maybe this card as about narrowing down options to a managable level. Maybe the net is cast too far and wide. And needs to be smaller and more specific. Maybe one fish is enough.