Margarete Petersen Study -Six of Coins - primordial transaction - from feet to hands



  • Give and Take. Direct your consciousness to your feet. Exchange with the earth through the souls of the feet. Run over different earth surfaces. Sand, stoney ground, earth, mud, moss, meadows, each have an invigorating effect on the whole body and the organs, through the feet.

    Pay attention to your posture. How do your feet stand on the earth, and how do they carry the body's weight? The word Wohlstand (prosperity -- "in good standing"), suggests both material well-being and standing well.

    The feet recieve, the hands deliver. When this flow is moving, new growth is created. An exchange without blockades. Consider this cycle as a primal-internal movement and carry it over to situations of exchange with people.

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The image shows two hands and feet contacting the earth. (The card itself is the suface on which the feet and hands stand, we see from underneath) The feet are standing on a what looks like the fossil of a spiral shell or coiled snake.

One might compare this image of the coiled snake with the central lotus image in the Thoth Six of Disks.

We see the radiant energy centers of the hands. The traditional Rider Waite image with the gentleman disbursing coins from his open hands is not far off.

I like the idea that the energy cycle between hands and feet - the feet receiving energy from the earth, the hands giving it out -- is a kind of primordial transaction. The "ureigene Bewegung" she wrote - a movement of exchange within ones own primal self.

To keep the cycle of receiving from the earth, and giving away flowing, allows growth to continue.

The feet receiving energy from the earth is also a wonderful metaphor, a way of expressing - receiving lifes bounty from the earth --

So in this image, one might say, the feet replace the two beggars of the RWS image, as the hands replace the benificent merchant.


Love your description firemaiden

This card also reminds me of meditation and the energy that flows throught the chakra system.
The energy we pull from the earth for grounding.
The colors of the card are reds, oranges, yellows at the bottom. And then going to greenish, blues and purples at the top. Very chakra.