Margarete Petersen Study -Ten of Coins - Treasure in the Labyrinth



  • Riches - Arrival. The number ten corresponds to the Ace of Coins. What was available in the beginning in seed form, has now fully unfurled.

    The form of the labyrinth is very old. Stone labyrinths have been discovered the world over in places of worship, in caves, in churches. This card means you have left behind the secure womb of the One, the Ace of Coins, and you have traveled, until you have run, through and over all the layers of earth; you have gathered your experiences, and are now arrived at home, within your center. The coiled snake of the Ace of Disks has uncoiled, and accompanies you visibly and invisibly. The brain and the viscerae are associated with the labyrinth. In some cultures, the future was divined from entrails. In the bowels of the earth, you will find what you are looking for, the treasure, the diamonds, radiant and pure, freed from dross and sediments.

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The last sentence sounds very much like a reference to the search for the philosopher's stone. See the discussion of MP's alchemical references on thread Father of Feathers.