Margarete Petersen Study -Three of Coins


  • To enter a new space.
    The number three takes a chance on an opening which the preceeding numbers have sparked off (loosened).
    The wish to to create a space as much for retreat as for encounters, -- a place for new experiences and possibilities; it can also be a place for spiritual and other public gatherings.

    From physical workout, Yoga, Massage, a new physical consciousness arrises. On the material plane, Commerce. [At the mental level] Ideas and thoughts are solidified. All three planes: physical, social contact, [and mental] discoveries, work together in cooperation.

link to image: Drei der Münzen

What I see: A white foot print. A curlicue of transparent blue ribbon shaping the number three (or is it Persian or Arabic calligraphy?). A square space framed on three sides, through whose absent fourth wall, MP's characteristic beaded pearl-like strands, and more bends of the blue curlicue are flowing. Three of the toe marks in the ghostly footprint resemble full-moons rising in an elliptical path, and another, blue moon shines in the opening and outflow of absent fourth wall. What do you see?

I must admit this card gives me pause. I don't fully understand the image, and I get a bit lost as soon as she starts talking about "taking space". Wondering, how are the three planes - physical, social, mental, represented here?

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I see an upper lip and tongue [on which the partial footprint is imprinted] - the "talking space"?


oooooh, that's neat Aoife. (trying to see it)


I see an unborn baby giving mommy a good kick. That's really "taking space." Ops you said " talking space." I still see that baby.


That's a fun idea Lark. It certainly gives a new meaning to "entering a new space" - literally.


What is this symbol? ( I found it on a site about the sitar)

Indian writing? It looks almost identical to the blue ribbon on the card.


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Aha, Rusty Neon! Thank you! So... is it the same symbol as on the 3 of pentacles do you think? or does the little loop going down instead of up make it a different one?

And if it is the the Aum (Om) what might it be doing on the three of pentacles?

Rusty Neon

hi firemaiden ... Despite the slight difference, the symbol on the card is likely the Aum symbol:

(1) Aum is one of the best known yoga mantras, and MP does refer to yoga in her text.

(2) Being a calligraphic symbol, traditionally there are slight differences whenever the symbol Aum appears; any such difference can be explained this way too. MP could have taken slight artistic licence too.

(2) It's interesting too that the Aum symbol looks like the number 3, corresponding to the "3" of Coins.

(3) It's also interesting that in the article,
they speak about the symbol Aum representing 3 states; thus, an another linkage to the number 3. However, I'm not sure if this linkage was in MP's mind. MP talks about 3 planes, albeit different from the 3 states referred to in the reikihealinglight article. Still, we have the number 3 creeping up again.


Oh yes, Rusty! that has to be it! Even within this calligraphy of the word Om, is the symbolism of the three states, as explained on the website you linked to
- the long lower curve represents the dream state
- the upper curve stands for the waking state
- the curve issuing from the centre symbolizes deep, dreamless sleep
- the crescent shape stands for "maya", the veil of illusion
- and the dot for the transcendental state

MP has replaced the dot with a moon! So the calligraphy of OM is not only the writing of a word, but also a symbolic piccture. Cool!