Margarete Petersen Study -Three of Cups


  • Partying - celebrating - sharing. Not to abandon, but to step out of the intimate, familiar confines of the two. A bridge to new contacts is celebrated with parties. Shed everyday inhibitions and expand yourself. To not be limited by worries, but rather to forget them. A new beginning, flowing present-ness. Images and roles are transformed. Party, play and dance, communicate lightly and loosely with others. A party opens and purifies. Heavy, earnest feelings can be renewed and transformed in lightness and friendship

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To me this card shows a celebration. But not a modern celebration has we know it, but like a trible community would have. With a fire and dancing and singing. It looks like they are doing rock paintings on the cave wall. Putting their hand prints on the walls and drawing pictures from there lives, the plants, animals, rivers all the bounty that they celebrate in their world.
Great card!

Little Baron

Moving to the same beat ....

This one really makes me smile.

They really look like little aliens [very Close Encounters]. And there are arms and hands everywhere, outstretched to the sky.

The figures, to me, look as if they are on their way somewhere. In the distance, there appears [in my eyes] to be a cave or some kind of opening to a darker world. You're gonna need to crouch down on your spindly little red hands and knees to enter this underground party venue. And with boxes of lager and bottle of Pims, the little red figures follow the beat of the drum.

There is a real element of togetherness in this picture. Moving in the same direction. Moving to the same beat. Enjoying each other's simularities ... and their differences. Growing together. I love it.

If a party needs to get going, you would invite this group. Infact, I think they are a vital componant of all celebrations, because they invoke excitement, energy and bring a warmth with them to all situations.

This card symbolises friendship to me. It represents being comfortable in surrounding people. A closeness. It is not your best mate. It is the heart of your community. It's a night with the girls. Or a lad's night out. It is people coming from far and wide to be 'together'. Everyone needs this little group in their life!