Margarete Petersen Study -VII - The Charioteer (Wagenlenkerin)


  • Go back, far back,
    through the mirror - don't get hung up on unsolvable knots.
    Far back, behind contradictions,
    where the black and the white cats
    melt into one point of
    phosphorescent glimmering in the microcosmos,
    the nerves, an acutely sensitive system
    register unknown movements.
    A gliding and flowing
    without personal baggage.

Link to image: Wagenlenkerin

At the center of this card is what I've affectionately dubbed the Cosmic Bike Reflector

Crowley writes about his own Chariot card, that this blazing light disk is in fact the Holy Grail, and is the "central and most important feature of the card " - further,
It is of pure amethyst, of the colour of Jupiter, but its shape suggests the full moon and the Great Sea of Binah. In the centre is radiant blood; the spiritual life is inferred; light in the darkness. These rays, moreover, revolve, emphasizing the Jupiterian element in the symbol.

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Text suggests?

So when the Lovers get up and move, do they become The Chariot? The text seems to suggest as much with the allusion to the mirror. And the figure does look sort of androgynic.

Feet: those cats are picking 'em up and putting 'em down. I would have said that the best way to be sure that you don't go anywhere a cat doesn't want to go is to hitch your cart to one. Will power indeed! Who was it that used to be pulled around the countryside in a cart powered by cats? Freya? Frigg? A northern love/fertility goddess, at any rate.

That cosmic bike reflector reappears in XX. Fills the whole card. Too late to get out of the way by then, I suppose. :grin:


Wow, greycats, it's been a couple years but finally someone responded to this post! I'm so flattered. Very interesting comments about the relationship to cards VI and XX. Thank you!


When I drew this card I was in the middle of a very busy week: the peak of my training for a half-marathon, the last week before my choir concert meaning 3 rehearsals this week, plus my full time job. Immediately when I saw the card I thought that it represents me, trying to conduct 2 beasts who go in 2 opposite directions (choir and running), and it will take all my vital energy from me (imaged by the disk on the person's core).