Margarete Petersen Study -VIII - Justice



  • Maat, Goddess of Justice --
    scrutinizes hearts
    A strength which dares to face the shadows of the Underworld.
    She who relentlessly examines souls, open and laid bare.
    Karmic laws of cause and effect.
    A living process responsible for Equilibrium.

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I see Maat in the process of examining a tapestry- the tapestry of someone's completed life. She has to shield her eyes because she is examining it by the brilliant light of Perfection. The pattern as it was woven by minute, by day, and by year, is finally seen in it's entirety and in this light. This is the basis for perfect Justice.


Oh yes!! its a tapestry! and she is unrolling it. Lovely!

Here is a link to an article about Maat.