Margarete Petersen : The Sun - White Sound


Margarete Petersen : XIX The Sun

Link to the image: Die Sonne
Description: The sun so bright it is white at the center, shooting forth energy and color in all directions. Here the proverbial twins are joined at the hip and encircled by the cosmic snake. A pair of fish blur into one at their tails where there is darkness. (or are these the claws of a lobster?)
  • Translation

    The Sun
    Bright - becoming-white tone -
    singing you appear at the interface between day and night.
    Cosmic yellow-skinned Goddess,
    far away
    with your rays you touch
    the meshwork netting in us
    which is named after you.
    Pulsating organism, you illuminate the dark and bright sides of the world -- neither is more magnetic than the other.
    You see what goes on in the distance, and what happens deep within.
    You model the visible world.
    You connect things which are separate,
    what you touch
    is transformed.

Interesting and different here is the aspect of sound. MP uses the word "Klang" to describe the whiteness of the sun.

The German word "Klang" is actually stronger than the english "sound" or "tone" by which it is translated. It evokes an echoing ringing tone, like that of a gong. "Klang" is an onomatopoetic word that sounds like what it is.

The sun is bright as a whitening sound - ("weissgewordener", whitening, whiting or becoming-white, bleaching perhaps... ).

A "white" sound is a very pure sound, like a tone sung without vibrato -- the vibrations are sent out, but at the center there is no vibration, just a pure core of tone -- the metal of the gong.

MP further calls to the realm of sound, invoking the singing yellow-skinned Goddess. I wonder which sun-goddess is considered a singer. Amaterasu, perhaps??

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Third chakra?!

I'm so excited, today I received the German, purple-bordered, version of this beautiful tarot.

I'm not German myself, but I think Margarete means the third chakra (the yellow chakra of willpower which is positioned in the belly) when she mentions "das Geflecht in uns". In Dutch the third chakra is called "zonnevlecht". I think the English translation is "solar plexus".
This translation makes very much sense to me.

I may be terribly wrong, so I'd love to hear from someone who speaks better German than I do.