Margarete Petersen : Two of Flames


Link to the Image : Zwei der Flammen

The polarities of sun and moon draw between them veils of gold and silver light, through which a crone and young girl pass, clinging tightly to eachother. The central square of the painting is framed in alternating bands of gold and silver.

  • Translation
    The fire of closeness - alliance. Two powers which band together. Both experience their own specific field and experience themselves as a part of a more comprehensive whole. An electric netting of light binds blue moon-fire with the red-yellow hot light of the sun. You are the Ego, which transcends itself. Powerful, tender connections with that which lies beyond your boundaries.

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Holy moly, what I saw in the card last night is not what I see in it today. (The crone? don't know how I saw that).

Someone else wanna try telling me what they see?


this is the sun and the moon.
i see two people in an imtimate embrace, woman on the left, male on the right.
the addition of two things that are "extremes" on the scale but are of the same nature :
ying and yang, plus and minus, male and female, sun and moon, love and hate, etc.
i really wonder how the 3 of flames look now, please link it here firemaiden? or in a new thread......

Little Baron

I see the embrace too.

It is like a unification of fire. And makes a lot more sense than a lot of other tradition's 'Two of Wands'.

Cups together are shared emotion. So it would be normal for two aspects of fire to be shared passion, as we see here. They are opposites, making one, as already mentioned.

Shared passion does not have to be just sexual. It can be a combined interest. It burns fast and hard. Enthusiasm multiplied.