Mary El Tarot - Five of Wands

Bat Chicken

This the card for the day that brought so much debate and conflict over issues surrounding the production of this marvelous deck. The lion shoots across the card and the feeling I get from him is anger, but no violence.

Lion – Leo is the Sun in a dark forest. He is bringing light to the situation but it is not untainted. With it comes the ego of a powerful creature. Tiny sparks move out of his way as he clears himself a path through the darkness and ignorance of the quiet trees.

The Fives belong to the sphere of Geburah in Qabalah on the pillar of Severity – justice and strength, motion and destruction, but very little in the way of flexibility, not unlike the Hierophant, the other “5”. A powerful intent unchecked and uncontested becomes the twisted dogma of the Hierphant. This card reminds us we need to explore all possibilities to be open and creative!