Mary El Tarot - Judgment

Bat Chicken

The image on this card is simple – the phoenix rising from the ashes. The resurrection is also the return of the 5th element to the top – the five pointed star points upward again, after its reversal in the Devil.

I love this card, the energy is tremendous and the fire still burns brightly. Pure white light seems to emanate from the mouth of the mythical bird. Powerful!



Reminds me of the tower, in colors and shapes.

Bat Chicken

Yes. Perhaps the phoenix rises from the ashes of the Tower? The solid black construct of the Tower is gone and the flaming bird replaces it. It too will be replaced again and again.


An absence of human forms in this card makes it easier to see a more transcendent meaning--life on this planet continually renews itself. The optimism in that fact alone is consistent with the power conveyed in the image.