Mary El Tarot - King of Wands

Bat Chicken

Fire of Fire. The King has eyes of Horus the Sun King, but they are blind. Does he see all? His hair is gold and he bears a sun disk on his forehead – the sun and all directions. On his chest appear to be stars or sparks. The whole Universe? I am inclined to wonder if he is an emanation of Horus? This King is striking and extraordinarily masculine.

The hieroglyph of the Eye of Horus means “to make or do” or “one who does” (Wikipedia).


With eyes of gold
you can not see
beyond blind greed
since eternity

Glittering gold
in hands to hold
so many hearts
has stilled to cold

So many men
has driven mad
throughout all time
from Saint to...

I give you eyes,
so you can see
King of brown Earth
you be for me


And did you? Did you draw in pupils for the eyes?


Yes, I did. Now he looks serene and smart. :)


I alternate between seeing the King of Wands with open opaque yellow eyes, and seeing him with eyes closed and yellow paint on his eyelids. He has no eyelashes to confirm which is which. I don’t think that he is blind, as he is the one who allows us to see by bringing light to the darkness. Looking directly into his eyes, I think, would blind us just like looking directly into the sun. There is a resemblance to the Death card with the blank eyes and flowing hair. The King of Wands is illuminated with golden yellow, giving life and light. In Death we observe the dying of the light, fading to black and gray.

Maybe the upper half of the card represents daytime where the King has his eyes open, and the lower half represents night where his eyes are closed. In the lower half we see what could be paler, more distant stars in the darkness, or sparks of life that were visible in the 2 of Wands and 3 Disks, and more faintly in the 5 of Wands. As the master of the element of Fire, he controls the fire of the sun, and also the spirit or soul/sol.