Mary El Tarot - Nine of Cups

Bat Chicken

The Ape of Thoth (Thoth's Magus) and the HP’s pillars (RWS HP) are present in this card. The floor is black and white like a chessboard indicating the dual nature of choice, the sun and the moon and that nothing is as it seems. The baboon form of Thoth:
Wikipedia said:
In the underworld, Duat, he [Thoth] appeared as an ape, A'an, the god of equilibrium, who reported when the scales weighing the deceased's heart against the feather, representing the principle of Ma'at, was exactly even.

The Nine pointed star appears in the top of the card, the enneagram that represents the nine gifts of spirit:
Cirlot said:
love, happiness, peace, patience, leniency, benevolence, trustworthiness, meekness or gentleness, and temperance.
The water of cups is in the clouds and waves of the background. For now, the storm of emotions is at bay.

According to Wang (Qabalistic Tarot) the nines (symbols of Yesod) are sandals and perfume. The ankh is the sandal strap – Life. Is the Scorpion (Scorpio?) it’s balance – Death?

Another symbol in the background is the staircase leading up to the star. For some reason it brings to mind Jacob’s ladder – the path to heaven, peace and compassion. And that happiness is right here, where you are.