Mary El Tarot - Page of Disks

Bat Chicken

Earth of Earth – the Page of Disks is a Native American child. All the elements, all of the energy, the potential of the human experience exists in this child. Malkuth of Malkuth. The child holds a tiny branch of tree buds. The muddy colours of the sephiroth cover most of this card with the hints of the other elements in the tiny boots on the sleeping (dreaming?) child’s feet. The child is both the end and the beginning – the idea, he spirit, the dream becomes body.

There is a series of three geometric lines that are similar to the angel’s sigils but is none of them. Maybe it is just a portion of some other symbol?


What I see in the image:

Page of Disks:
The innocence of a baby asleep.
Yet unconscious of the growing potential represented by the plant in its hand.
Beaded moccasins, that have never tread the living Earth, never stepped onto anything and so also never over-stepped.
The baby is swaddled.
Gentle, swaddling makes babies feel save, reminds them of the tightness of the womb.
There will have to come a day, when parents have to loosen that swaddling cloth, to allow more freedom of movement, of growth.
They have to trust, that that will be all right.
That the emerging little Self will provide the bounds within which it will grow.
There will be pitfalls and stumbles and the moccasins will have to be replaced by running shoes.
It will all be about running free, about evolving ...
...about revealing beautiful Eagle's wings beneath the swaddling,
and ultimately about unfurling these wings in order to fly free.