Mary El Tarot - Page of Swords

Bat Chicken

The red dragon climbs the torso of the woman whose face is unseen in this beautifully rendered Page of Swords. The Chinese solar red dragon bears a white egg in his right claw and a black one in his left, perhaps the Orphic egg seen from it light and dark halves only at one time, yin/yang. Again the Pages are cards of beginnings, perhaps this one is about the beginnings of an idea. The metallic gold rays of the sun seem to emanate from her back. The masculine, solar force for action is behind this page. She is starting something.

The white egg sits on her throat and the black on her heart. Perhaps she speaks from the heart? This Page is Earth of Air.


She is the serpent. The dragon's claws/talons pierce through her skin to hold what is either the eggs, described above, or to hold open those places associated with this page? If she is holding eggs at the throat and at the heart areas, then is that a heart she's holding on her stomach? And what about her upper thigh?

Bat Chicken

I am inclined to think the claws on the stomach and leg are not holding anything at all... The upper ones are white and black. I am inclined to think that they refer to the balance of the light - speech - and the darkness of the heart and learning to express those things in balance. Just a guess.... :)


My impressions of this page ...

A nude woman. We cannot see her face, though it is turned to her right. A huge tattooo of a red dragon scrolls up and around her body, all the way from her thights to her shouldesr. The first thing I notice about it is that it holds a white egg in its right claw. It is held directly in front of the woman's throat, apparently at her voice box. I recall that this is the chakra related to communication, and I imagine that the dragon is offering the woman the ability to speak her truth. That ability is still in egg form, as yet immature and unformed. But the promise is there. That dragon gift at her throat will grow and strengthen, and finally crack open its shell, gifting the woman with its full power of speech.

In its other front claw is a black egg. It holds it directly over the woman's breast bone, between her breasts. I get the sense of a hole, Nothing there. A void. This dragon is not about affairs of the heart. It cares not. It only cares about this woman's full expression.


In China, the red dragon is associated with luck, fire, passion and the heart. Other Chinese associations with the color red include vitality, enthusiasm and creativity. Dragon colors
No wonder I used to get confused and think this was the Page of Wands (or maybe it was because the Page of Wands has a sword). I also find it strange that a suit associated with thoughts and ideas shows a Page with her head out of frame. Perhaps it is because she has not yet developed her ideas and intellect and has a completely open mind. I wonder if that could be the reason behind the curved blades as well--not yet precise enough in thinking to get straight to the point.

I also wondered about the eggs being clutched in the claws. Agree with the concept of the white egg representing speech, or the potential, and black over the heart because it is dispassionate. The other two seem less significant.