Mary El Tarot - Seven of Cups

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The Seven of Cups is the flipside of the Seven of Wands, the dark side, the wild and untamed wolf. The watery background lit by the full moon symbolizes that mysterious darkness of the Unconscious. Our disowned Shadow lives here. This wolf knows no limit, no line.



Seven of Cups

The wolf.

Meanings: Nightmare. Dreams. Unconscious. Something that needs to be dealt with that perhaps one keeps pushing below the surface. Perhaps, much as the Moon card: Illusion. Not everything is as it seems. Look out for unseen foes. (Foes who cannot be seen in the dark, like the wolf.) Things look different under the moonlight -- even the wolf. Watch for unexpected helpers to appear. Be alert. Don't fall for illusion and fantasy.


I normally call the 7 of Cups my 'pie in the sky' card. Here it seems to be about keeping secrets (keeping them in the dark), and letting emotions and emotional fantasies rule, like staying up late when you know you should be getting to bed. I also see this as a mid-life crisis card, a point when people see their own mortality approaching on the horizon and begin to question whose life they are living, the one that is expected of them from the outside world or the one that is true to the inner self.

I see the green eye in the wolf and I am reminded of the Emperor. Like the Emperor, the wolf is seen in profile, but while the Emperor faces to the right, the wolf faces to the left. They are having a face off. This could be the animal side of the Emperor, or push back against his rules and order. The 7 of Cups is about following only the wild animal, the dark beast. This is what causes all those clichés of the mid-life crisis--having the affair, buying the expensive sports car, getting the boob job. Having a healthy life requires both a little bit of wild and a little bit of mild.